Local Market Validation™

Local Market Validation™ analysis “validates” that Google is getting what it needs from your business to rank it high in their results.

If you are not giving Google what it wants, then local market validation shows you precisely how to satisfy Google to rank your local business higher… MUCH, MUCH HIGHER!

And it strategically prioritizes what you do every step of the way to make sure you…

  • Don’t’ waste your time
  • Don’t waste your money

And when you get to the top of Google page one for your most important keywords you can look forward to getting the high quality sales leads that convert into new paying customers… month after month like clockwork.

Local Market Validation is a blueprint – a step by step guide – for your local Google ranking success!
  • Stop struggling and working so hard to get more high-quality leads that convert into new customers.
  • Do what other smart local business owners do… use the proven, easy way to get new leads and customers every month!
  • STOP missing out on your fair share of the new customers that are critical to the success of your small business.

With Local Market Validation you leave nothing to chance.

You’ll know precisely where your small business stands and exactly what you need to do to dominate local SEO in your town.

Any small business owner can use Local Market Validation to acquire high quality leads…

EVEN IF you know absolutely nothing about how local SEO works

EVEN IF you do not have a technology background

EVEN IF you don’t have time to go through various learning curves

Local Market Validation is a “done-for-you” blueprint; a roadmap to success for getting the highest quality leads for your business in your town.

Find out exactly what it takes to TURN YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS INTO A NEW-CUSTOMER MAGNET by getting the lion’s share of top-quality leads! You don’t have to be a slave to your business to make it happen.

The SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING to make Google rank you at the very top of page one… once you get this working for your small business the new leads will follow automatically.

Uncover the reasons why YOUR BEST PROSPECTS ARE GOING TO YOUR LOCAL COMPETITOR around the corner instead of your business. Then REVERSE IT SO THEY COME TO YOU.

Find the hidden problems you don’t even know about your own business that could STOP YOU COLD FROM GETTING MORE LEADS, so you can correct them.

Local Businesses MUST have ONE CRITICAL TRUST ELEMENT to get the best leads… find out if your business has it. If not, discover the easy way to get it fast.

If you’re making ONE PARTICULAR MISTAKE with your online business listings, then you COULD BE SABOTAGING YOUR OPPORTUNITIES FOR MORE NEW LEADS. See if you are.

Learn how some little-known insider tips can TURN GOOGLE INTO YOUR VERY OWN REFERRAL SERVICE… that works like a non-stop machine 24/7/365. Get more new leads and customers like clockwork.

REVEALED: Critical things that marketing agencies won’t tell you… and they could ABSOLUTELY BE COSTING YOU NEW CUSTOMERS!

CAUTION: Without Local Market Validation, anyone can sell you services that you just don’t need… because you don’t have all of the facts required to make the right decisions.

Who Exactly Is Local Market Validation For?

If Any Of The Following Apply To You… Then You DEFINITELY Need Local Market Validation™



You’ve OPENED A NEW SMALL BUSINESS in the last year, or two.

You understand that attracting new customers from ONLINE IS THE KEY TO GROWING YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS IN THIS AGE OF THE INTERNET.

You want to SPEND LESS TIME SELLING and more time running your business.

You’re TOO BUSY to spend a lot of time on marketing.


You’re SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON GOOGLE ADWORDS pay per click campaigns.

You want to FIND BETTER PROSPECTS who are easier to convert into PAYING CUSTOMERS.

You want to INJECT NEW LIFE INTO YOUR BUSINESS to make it grow.

So now you need to make some decisions…

WOULD YOU RATHER start getting new high-quality leads pouring into your business, and more new customers as a result, or continue on like you’re doing now?

WOULD YOU RATHER waste time and money trying to figure it all out for yourself or be given the answers for your specific business in your local marketno guesswork, a huge time saving and a shortcut to getting loads of new high-quality leads?

WOULD YOU RATHER let all those new customers find your local competitors each month or have them hand YOU their cash and credit cards instead?

WOULD YOU RATHER struggle with cash flow or watch with pride as your business grows and you have all the money you need to provide an awesome lifestyle for your family?

Only $299, And You Can’t Get Local Market Validation Anywhere Else… You Can Only Get It From Noble Direct Marketing


100% Money Back GuaranteeIron-Clad, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

First, if you don’t believe that the Local Market Validation analysis will help you skyrocket in your local Google search results… I’ll refund all your money.

Second, if you decide that you don’t want to use the Local Market Validation analysis to help you get more high-quality leads and new customers… I’ll refund 100% of the $299 you paid.

Third, if you’re just having a bad day and want to get your money back so you can go have an expensive lunch to cheer yourself up… I’ll refund every penny to you.

Whatever your reason might be for wanting a refund, I’ll give it to you… and you can take the full 30 days to think about it.

I’m so confident that you’re going to be absolutely thrilled with all you’re going to learn – and excited to apply it to your small business – that I’ll give you my Iron-Clad, 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee for whatever reason you may have… or no reason at all. Just ask.

NOTE: You MUST already have a website in order to get this Local Market Validation analysis. Without a website you’ve already lost the local SEO sweepstakes. Let me know If you need help with a website because that would be step one for you.

Click on the PayPal “Buy Now” button below and order your Local Market Validation.

Once you do you’ll receive an email requesting the information needed to run the analysis.

When completed, I’ll share the results with you and show you how to get ranked higher in Google search to get more high-quality leads and more new customers.

And if you have any questions you would like answered first, you can call me – Bob – at (949) 635-9281, or email me at [email protected].

So, click on the “Buy Now” button below to order your Local Market Validation™ to start getting more high quality leads that convert into new paying customers.

Local Market Validation™: $299

NOTE: If you email me when you purchase it alerts me to turn your analysis around a little bit faster. You can click the following link to do that: [email protected]

100% Money Back Guarantee

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