Bob Hull – Bio

My background is marketing… specifically, direct marketing.

Bob Hull of Noble Direct Marketing

I graduated with a BA degree in Communications/Advertising from California State University, Fullerton, and I began my career as a copywriter.

I took a job with a Time Warner company in Birmingham, Alabama within a couple of years of graduation, and I worked for Oxmoor House for 10 years.

Oxmoor House is the book division for Southern Progress Corporation, and I produced all of the direct mail for the book imprints of the following magazines.

  • Southern Living
  • Cooking Light
  • Coastal Living
  • Leisure Arts
  • Southern Accents
  • Sunset Magazine (out of California)

I also did the direct mail for other Time Warner entities and business alliances including Sports Illustrated Books, Martha Stewart Living, Jenny Craig and many others.

I was originally hired as a copywriter, but soon was given full responsibility for production of all direct mail. Following are some of my accomplishments and responsibilities.

  • Produced more than 750,000,000 pieces of direct mail in a variety of formats
  • Responsible for an annual budget of $30,000,000+
  • Was credited with saving my company $1,500,000 on the annual budget
  • Managed more than 1,200 complex direct marketing projects

I learned a lot while at Time Warner and gained invaluable direct marketing insights and experience from copywriting, direct mail production and postal issues to how to create irresistible offers, database marketing techniques and strategic planning.

In the years after leaving Time Warner I worked as the Director of Quality Control for a large mailing house and the Business Development Director for a mailing software company.

In my six years working in business development I learned much of what I know about email marketing, Pay Per Click campaign management and SEO copywriting. I was also the editor of a book about global address formats.

I served for several years on an international committee for the Universal Postal Union, which is based in Bern, Switzerland and reports to the United Nations. The UPU works to standardize mail flow worldwide, and I helped them with their marketing campaigns and communications.

The COO of the mailing software company I worked for had this to say about me… “Bob is truly gifted with common sense and skills to manage any project large or small. A true marketer that understands what it takes to generate all aspects of marketing, from direct mail, search engine optimization, email distribution, pay per click campaign creation and management, to name a few. Lead generation is second nature to Bob.”

My main focus at this point is working with local businesses helping them get found online and chosen over their competition.

To do this I use cutting edge technology, and a personal touch, focused on reputation management, review marketing and local SEO services. This approach has proven to be a must for any local business that has even a moderate level of competition. For more about that your can click here.

You can check out my Linkedin profile via the following link.

I spend a significant part of my personal time doing mission work.

I’ve made a commitment to working with orphanages in and around Tijuana, Mexico, and I’ve been doing this for about 19 years now. I deliver food, clothes, organize activities and mentor some of the older children.

I’ve also worked with groups of genocide survivors in Rwanda. I’ve made three trips so far to the heart of Africa and worked on programs that help families acquire livestock, educate people regarding health and nutrition, skills training for jobs and micro-businesses.

Not long ago I traveled to China on an exploratory mission that took me through Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangdong and Hong Kong. I used to go to China on business, so it was nice to visit the country again to see all of the changes taking place.

If I’m not helping clients with their marketing efforts then chances are I’m working on a project to serve those who need a little help. This is what gives my life purpose.