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~Attention Chiropractors~

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“How To Get All The New Patients You Want… WITHOUT All The Hard Work!”

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Discover The Proven Way To Get More New Patients Automatically… Shown To Work Time After Time… And You Can Find Out How To Do It Right Now Without Spending One Penny!

This may shock you.

It doesn’t matter how many patients you’ve been getting lately… how much you spend on your advertising… or how well you know your local market.

Chances are YOUR PRACTICE IS ONLY SEEING A FRACTION OF THE SUCCESS that it would if you knew what you’re about to learn now.

And it’s not complicated.


Everyone Knows That Getting Your Practice On Page One Of Google Search Means More New Patients.

  • Google has 88% of the search market. (gs.statcounter.com)
  • 92% of searchers will pick businesses on the first page of local search results. (Chitika)
  • 97% searched online to find a local business. (Hubspot)
  • 88% of local business searches result in either a phone call or visit to the business within 24 hours. (Nectafy)

When You Get To The Top Of The Google Local Search Results, Something Amazing Happens…

Get More New Patients… Revenue Skyrockets!


Google will send you one patient after another – automatically – and you’ll see your revenue go up month after month.

Your best prospects will find your practice… they’ll call or come by to see you… and you’ll get the first chance to help them instead of the chiropractor around the corner.

Say goodbye to cash flow worries… forget about having to chase patients… be the go-to chiropractor in your town for all the services you offer.

Imagine living the wildly successful lifestyle of your dreams without all the stress and hassle from the constant struggle to bring in new patients.

To do that… here are some things you’ll need to know.
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You accomplish this email marketing essentialFind out exactly what it takes to TURN YOUR PRACTICE INTO A NEW-PATIENT MAGNET! You don’t have to be a slave to your business to make it happen.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialThe SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT THING to make Google rank you at the very top of page one… once you get this working for your business the new patients can follow automatically.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialUncover the reasons why YOUR BEST CHIROPRACTIC PROSPECTS ARE GOING TO YOUR LOCAL COMPETITOR around the corner instead of your practice. Then REVERSE IT SO THEY COME TO YOU.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialFind the hidden problems you don’t even know about your own business that could STOP YOU COLD FROM GETTING MORE NEW PATIENTS, so you can correct them.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialChiropractors MUST have ONE CRITICAL TRUST ELEMENT to get new patients… find out if your practice has it. If not, discover the easy way to get it fast.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialIf you’re making ONE PARTICULAR MISTAKE with your online business listings, then you COULD BE SABOTAGING YOUR OPPORTUNITIES FOR MORE NEW PATIENTS. See if you are.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialLearn how some little-known insider tips can TURN GOOGLE INTO YOUR VERY OWN PATIENT REFERRAL SERVICE… that works like a non-stop machine 24/7/365. Get more new patients like clockwork.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialREVEALED: Critical things that big chiropractic agencies won’t tell you… and they could ABSOLUTELY BE COSTING YOU NEW PATIENTS!

You accomplish this email marketing essentialCAUTION: Without Local Market Validation*, anyone can sell you services that you just don’t need… because you don’t have all of the facts required to make the right decisions.

* Local Market Validation™ is a special gift I have for you, and I’ll tell you about it in a minute.

The Secret Is Simply Following A New – And PROVEN – Online Marketing Method Called “LOGIC.”

It’s a step-by-step process where you give Google exactly what it’s looking for in order for them to send your practice to the top of the Google local search results.

This is a tried and true path to success for ANY chiropractor in ANY local market.

Here’s why!

It works because you’re doing exactly what Google tells you to do… you’re giving them what they want… and they reward you with more new patients.

You’ll get to page one on Google because you know what to do… you follow through…

Then The Google Algorithm Does ALL The Hard Work For You!


You should be because LOGIC is one of the most profitable secrets you’ll ever discover!

It’s an acronym for the five Google search criteria that account for 76% of their major ranking factors according to the experts on Google search – like MOZ.com.

LOGIC stands for…

Links to your website (backlinks).
On-page SEO
Google My Business
Internet reviews

These Five Things Will Virtually Guarantee That Your Practice Will Soar In Your Local Google Search Rankings.

Here’s where you want to see your practice on page one of Google in order to get more new patients… the “local pack” and at the top of the “organic” search results.

Local SEO Packages local Pack & Organic ResultsThe following statistics are critical to your success, so take a minute to review them.

Notice the ranking factors and their importance expressed as a percentage.

For the Local Pack you’ve got Google My Business (19%), Links (17%), On-Page SEO (14%), Citations (13%) and Reviews (13%).

That’s a total of 76% of the major Google algorithm local ranking factors.

Those are the LOGIC elements.

For organic search you’ve got the same things in a little different order.

There are two that are out of your control (behavioral signals and personalization), so we can’t do anything about them.

The one at the bottom of both lists – social media – is the least important, so we won’t worry about it.

Besides, many businesses have at least a Facebook page, so part of that small 4% is covered for them.

Concentrate On The Five LOGIC Factors And More New Patients Will Follow Like Clockwork… You’ll BOOST Your Profits… And Your Practice Will Be The New Leader Of The Pack In Your Town!

The Google algorithm will see to that, WITHOUT you having to do ANY HARD WORK!

And you’ll be able to check your progress for yourself by doing quick local searches from your own office computer.

So, there’s the secret that other chiropractors are using to get more new patients… LOGIC!

The Results… How Local Market Validation Helps Local Chiropractors Rise To The Top!

One chiropractor I helped wanted to go after certain keywords where he wasn’t ranking at all.

After we went through the Local Market Validation™ process, he asked me to help him try to get on page one of Google for 10 different keywords.

More about Local Market Validation™ in just a minute.

Some keywords were in English, and some were in Spanish to help him draw in Latino patients he enjoyed working with.

Any number you see between positions 1 and 10 in the image below confirm that he was on page one of Google for that keyword (there are 10 positions on each page).

As you can see, his chiropractic business reached the VERY TOP (#1) position on the very first page for Google for each keyword where you see a “1”.

“Aetna” related keywords were harder to get to the number one spot on page one because he was actually competing with Aetna.

And for “auto accident injury” he was competing with accident injury attorneys, but he was the number one chiropractor on Google page one.

As you can see, implementing the Local Market Validation™ plan for LOGIC also works well for Yahoo and Bing.

Disclaimer: LOGIC certainly worked incredibly well for this chiropractor, but results vary and are not guaranteed. That’s because every chiropractor has different ranking issues to deal with and every local market is different as well.

Why does LOGIC work like crazy no matter how low your practice ranks in Google now… No matter how long you’ve been in business… No matter how popular your competition appears to be?

Here’s A Little Known Fact.

Google grades on a curve.

So, if you apply more LOGIC to your practice than your direct local competition does… You get ranked higher… You get the lion’s share of the new patients.

You can take that to the bank… literally!

And the savvy chiropractors using LOGIC are doing it in a strategic way that maximizes their marketing budget.

More about that in a minute.

Now You Need To Ask Yourself A Couple Of Serious Questions.

Are you satisfied with where your practice is now?

How many patients you have… Your current monthly revenue… Your level of business success.


Do you want to grow your practice?

See a steady stream of new patients each month… Have extra money to invest in your practice… Have the cash to take the vacations of your dreams.

If You Chose The Latter, I’ve Got Something Very Special For You.

It’s called Local Market Validation™.

Here’s the best part.

I’m going to give Local Market Validation to you for FREE!

No cost…

No obligation…

No pressure…

No sales pitch…

No kidding.

I’ll tell you why in just a minute.

So, what is Local Market Validation?

It’s a proven method that chiropractors in the know use to get more new patients every month WITHOUT becoming a slave to their business.

The Local Market Validation analysis “validates” that Google is getting what it needs from your practice to rank it high in their results.

If you are NOT giving Google what it wants then Local Market Validation SHOWS YOU PRECISELY how to satisfy Google to rank your practice higher… MUCH, MUCH HIGHER.

And it strategically prioritizes what you do every step of the way to make sure you…

Don’t’ waste your time…

Don’t waste your money…

Don’t miss out on getting the new patients that are absolutely critical to the success of your practice.

About 50% Of Small Businesses Fail Within Their First Five Years!

Some of them are chiropractors.

Don’t be one of them!

A system – like LOGIC – that brings you more new patients every month can be your safeguard, protecting your chiropractic business from failure.

Local Market Validation Is A Blueprint – A Step By Step Guide – For Your Local Google Ranking LOGIC Success!

Who Exactly Is Local Market Validation For?

If Any Of The Following Apply To You… Then You DEFINITELY Need Local Market Validation™

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou need MORE NEW PATIENTS.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou’re TIRED OF RUNNING YOURSELF RAGGED to get new patients.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou’re TOO BUSY to spend a lot of time on marketing.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou understand that attracting new patients from ONLINE IS THE KEY TO GROWING YOUR BUSINESS IN THIS AGE OF THE INTERNET.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou want to SPEND MORE TIME HELPING PATIENTS and running your business.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou’ve OPENED A NEW CHIROPRACTIC BUSINESS in the last year, or two.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou’re FRUSTRATED and don’t understand WHY OTHER CHIROPRACTIC BUSINESSES RANK HIGHER IN GOOGLE… and you want to TURN THAT AROUND, but DON’T KNOW HOW.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou’re SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY ON GOOGLE ADWORDS pay per click campaigns.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou want to FIND BETTER PROSPECTS who are easier to convert into PAYING PATIENTS.

You accomplish this email marketing essentialYou want to INJECT NEW LIFE INTO YOUR CHIROPRACTIC BUSINESS to make it grow.
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Here’s Why I’m Going To Give You Local Market Validation For FREEIf You Take Me Up On My Offer Today..

Because most chiropractors just want to focus on running their practices.

They don’t have time to do anything else.

So, what I get out of this deal is an opportunity to put my services at the top of your list if you decide you want some help.

It’s that simple.

I normally sell Local Market Validation for $299.

But you can get it FREE if you sign up today.

I suggest you take me up on this offer now because I can’t do this forever.

And when it’s gone… it’s gone!

Stop Struggling And Working So Hard To GET MORE NEW PATIENTS… Do What Other Smart Chiropractors Do… Use The PROVEN, EASY Way To Get ALL The New Patients You Want… Like Clockwork!

Use the form below now to get your FREE Local Market Validation™ analysis.

Or you can call me, Bob, at (949) 635-9281 if you have any questions or want me to start your Local Market Validation right away.





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