Sometimes the hardest part of writing copy is simply to get started. Following are five steps that will get your mind ready to write copy that will sell whatever you’re promoting.

1) Gather all the available information and start downloading it into your mind.
If you’re selling a new product, go to the marketing department (and the research and development department if you have one) and ask for specifications, drawings, reports, studies, proposals, market research and any other information available. For existing products ask for brochures, press releases, direct mail packages, advertisements and any information you can find on competing products.

Once you’ve collected all the information you can find, start reading it.

2) Thoroughly review the product.
Make a list of the features and benefits of your product and remember that you’re selling benefits, not features. Rank the benefits, and give prominence to the ones that are most important to your audience. One thing you need to keep in mind is how your product differs from the competition so that you can play up any advantages. And don’t forget to demonstrate how your product fills a need and/or solves a problem.

Testimonials are gold, so if your customers have good things to say about your product then let it be known. Does your product have a strong service and support program? How about a solid guarantee? Write about those as well.

To help yourself even more, develop a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to differentiate your product from your competition.

3) Study your audience.
Make a profile of your target market. What is the demographic? What kind of lifestyle do they have? Where do they live? You need to know these things so you can relate to them and get inside their heads and hearts. Ask yourself who will buy the product, what are their main concerns when buying and what motivates them when making a decision.

4) Decide on the goal you have for your copy.
The ultimate goal, of course, is to sell your product. However, you may have more than one step in your selling process. So write your copy in keeping with your main objective. Typically you’ll want to qualify prospects, generate leads or simply sell directly in a one-step process.

5) Relax and let your subconscious start doing some of the work for you.
Once you’ve read all the information, reviewed your product and studied your product you should meditate on what you’ve learned and then relax. At that point your subconscious should kick in and the ideas start to flow. Keep a pad of paper and a pen at hand at all times after you’ve finished your homework because the ideas could come at any time. Be ready to make notes. Then all you need to do is to start writing.

Follow these steps and chances are you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block.

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