Small Business Email Marketing

If you manage a small or local business, you need a competitive advantage in this difficult economy. Following are small business email marketing products that will show you proven ways to increase revenue consistently month after month.

eMail Marketing Training
eMail Marketing CoachPersonal Coaching – E.M.A.I.L. Marketing Coach

This email marketing course was created with busy small and local business owners in mind.

It’s clear that email marketing has taken over as the most cost effective way to market a business, and if you’re not doing it right now then your business is missing out on a huge competitive advantage.

Discover the secret to email marketing done right. Use it to increase your sales month after month in a way that will improve your cash flow on a consistent basis.

The difference between this course and others is that I personally coach you one-on-one. I’ll make sure you easily learn the essentials in a very short period of time, and I’ll also coach you on how to apply them to your own business.

I strictly limit this course to 50 students, so reserve your spot now before someone else beats you to it.


Price: $197


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 Instant Expertise Series

The following special reports are part of the “Instant Expertise” series. You get bottom line guides – no fluff, no filler – especially produced for busy small and local business owners who have no time to waste.

The focus here is to give you all the important information you need while trying to keep the page count as low as possible. That way you you get all of the expertise without robbing you of the time you need to run your business. 

Instant Expertise
eMail Marketing CoachSelf Study Course – E.M.A.I.L. Marketing Coach

This email marketing self-study course has the same information as the personal coaching course, it just doesn’t have the personal coaching.

Some busy business owners just want the information so they can learn it on their own, and this was created with them in mind.

Just like the personal coaching course, you’ll learn the most cost effective way to market a business. Email marketing done right will give your business a huge competitive advantage, and you’ll discover how to do that with this course.

Use this concise guide to email marketing success to increase your sales month after month in a way that will improve your cash flow on a consistent basis.

Learn the essentials fast, apply them to your business and watch your business grow and thrive.


Price: $29.97


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Instant Expertise
How to improve your results with A/B split testing

How To Improve Your eMail Marketing Results

A/B split testing is a proven way to make your eMail marketing more profitable. If you want to be successful you need to use it because it will help you to quickly tell what is, and what isn’t, working for you.

This basic guide will give you everything you need to both understand A/B split testing, and put it into practice right from the start.

There is no complicated math or any difficult processes involved with A/B split testing. Everything you need to know is demonstrated in a crystal clear fashion in this simple, easy-to-follow guide.

Price: $9.97


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Instant Expertise
eMail Marketing Glossary

eMail Marketing Glossary

This quick-reference guide has all the definitions you’ll need for a good understanding of email marketing. It’s one more tool to give you instant expertise.

It works hand in hand with the EMAIL Marketing Coach program to give you all the information you need right at your fingertips.

If you ever run into a term or phrase you don’t understand then just use this handy glossary and you’ll be using eMail marketing like a pro in no time at all.


Price: $9.97


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Instant Expertise

Subject lines that get your email openedHow To Write Subject Lines That Get Your eMail Opened

First things first. In order for your eMail campaigns to be successful they first have to be opened and read. One of the key factors in making that happen is to create compelling subject lines.

This special report has examples for the most successful kinds of subject lines that have been tested and proven to work. Think of them as templates you can adapt for your own business.

This guide will make creating successful subject lines quick and easy. Save time and make more money with your eMail marketing when you use this handy resource.



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