The affluent tend to follow a simple, straightforward process when it comes to making a buying decision.

First, they do their research, and the higher the price the more time they tend to spend doing it. Much of this research is done on the Internet and many will also talk with family, friends and do some networking as well.

Second, once the affluent prospect knows exactly what kinds of features they want they’ll find out where they can make the purchase that’s convenient and gives them the best overall value.

So, your job is to intercept your prospects before they lay down their credit card with one of your competitors.

You may do it using tried and true direct mail campaigns, on the Internet with Pay Per Click advertising, with newsletter and email marketing methods or though placing ads in various other media, but regardless of where you find your leads you need to make sure you communicate in a clear and persuasive manner.

The affluent are different than the general public, and you need to make sure all of your sales messages reflect a knowledge of how to communicate with them. Following are six important guidelines you need to follow when selling to affluent consumers.

Be upfront and transparent in every aspect of your dealings
No one likes to feel like they’re being manipulated or deceived, especially the affluent. They’re educated, smart and they seem to have a sixth sense where BS is concerned.

Make everything (the features of the product, what’s included in the deal, the terms and conditions, etc.) crystal clear when it comes to what your services include and what you charge so that your clients don’t get any unwelcome surprises.

Give them unique, one-of-a-kind products and services
The affluent aren’t concerned with keeping up with their neighbors. They want to stand out, be different and unique.

Communicate to the affluent that you understand this and that “unique” is what you’re all about… that your business exists to help your clients express their individuality and one-of-a kind personalities. This is especially true for interior design businesses and those in the fashion and beauty industries.

Another example would be if you sold luxury adventure travel tours. To make yours unique you could connect your trips with interesting indigenous cultures or combine exciting activities with unusual places like a zipline canopy tour in the Amazon rainforest. Your job is to give your clients great stories to share with their families and friends.

Appeal to the aspirations of the affluent
Like anyone, affluent consumers have their dreams, but they also have the resources to pursue them. Your job is to help them achieve their dreams. This means that your first order of business is to talk with your clients and find out what are their goals where your products and services are concerned.

Speak to the aspirations of your clients, and be positive and optimistic. Let them know you can help them accomplish their goals and be anything they aspire to be.

Some call this concept selling. Others describe it as “selling the benefits.” Understand what the end result is that your client is looking for (they want to feel beautiful, they want to live a life of adventure, they want their home to evoke love and warmth) and help them fulfill that concept born in their heart and mind.

As an example, if you run a luxury spa then demonstrate how your services will help your clients be their beautiful best and feel great. Don’t go as much into the details of what it is you do as you would in stressing the benefits of what they’ll get out of the experience with you. Sell them on the vision of the “after” photo… on how wonderful their life will be after you’ve performed your services.

Let the affluent know how effortless it will be to do business with you
The affluent are typically business leaders with days full of solving problems, dealing with deadlines and difficult people and other stressful matters. Once they find a little time to escape their hectic responsibilities they don’t want to have to deal with any kind of hassles.

You need to think of ways to remove potential problems before they happen, and tell your prospective clients up front that you’ll do this. They may be skeptical at first, but if you follow through you’ll build an incredibly strong bond with them. A bond that isn’t easily broken even if your prices are a little higher than your competition.

If you deliver a proactive customer service experience, and take care of any annoying details for your client, they will value your efforts, and chances are you’ll have a client for life.

Behave in a professional manner at all times
Sure, you want to develop a close, warm relationship with your clients, but don’t try so hard to be their friend that you cross the line of professionalism. Remember, they’re your client first and foremost.

And always treat the affluent with the utmost respect. As a group, they are generally very accomplished and are used to being treated respectfully.

Communicate a sense of lavish personal, individualized attention
Affluent people want your undivided attention. They want to know that you’re listening in order to gain the confidence that you’ll give them what they’re asking for. You need to be clear and convince them that they are the most important customer you have.

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