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Referral Program

Noble Direct Marketing Digital Services

Referral program that makes you easy money

Want to make some easy money? You can with this quick and easy referral program.

Do you know any local business owners… anywhere in the USA?

If so, you can make money just by introducing me to those who become my clients.

I’m looking for local businesses that I can help, and I give them something of great value – comprehensive online marketing analysis that every local business owner should have – for free right at the beginning.

They have no obligation, there are no strings attached and there is no hard sell. You’ll be doing them a favor through this referral program.

Some business owners have paid $100, or more, for this kind of information. And it’s worth every penny. But your referral will get it free.

That’s all there is to it.

You can see more about the analysis here: https://nobledirectmarketing.com/local-business-marketing-2/

Everybody wins…

The business owner gets… free analysis with valuable information that they can use on their own to help them get more customers. Or, they can use my services. No hard sell.

You get… $50 to $100 for every business you refer that signs on to one of my monthly service plans. That’s easy money when all you have to do is copy, paste and hit the email send button.

And Noble Direct Marketing gets a new client.

The payout for you is $50 if they choose my Do-It-Yourself option and $100 for the others.

What could you do with an extra few hundred dollars this month?

Referral program gives you easy money for whatever you want to spend it on.

Go on a weekend getaway trip?

Buy something nice for your home?

Take the kids somewhere special?

Get yourself a little well deserved “surprise”?

Remember, you don’t have to do any selling whatsoever. Just give a successful referral.

The referral program process is super simple. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

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  1. Send me a list of local business owners with their website URL. I will do some preliminary research to make sure they are a good prospect.
  2. I will send you back a revised list of good prospects for the referral program.
  3. You send each good prospect an email (copy me) introducing me to them.

To make it even easier for you I will send you the verbiage to use for the email, and you can edit it if you like.

I do everything else. You’re done at this point. Except when you cash your check after your referral becomes my client.

You just copy, paste and hit the send button. That will take you about 10 seconds for each email. And you’ll have an opportunity to get $50 – $100 in return if they come on board with me.


What types of businesses are good prospects?

Here are some general guidelines.

I look for businesses that sell products and services that cost a good bit of money in a competitive local market.

Health-related services are good (dentists, chiropractors, etc.) and other businesses where people spend a good bit of money.

In addition to the health/medical field, other good prospects generally rely heavily on the trust/confidence factor like car repair, home remodeling, pet care, etc.

My services are mainly geared for products and services sold to consumers (as opposed to business to business).

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This is not an exhaustive list, but it will give you a good idea of what kinds of businesses work well with my services.

    • Restaurants (the more expensive, high end, establishment – not a local sandwich shop)
    • Health/medical
      • Assisted living & skilled nursing homes
      • Chiropractors
      • Dentists
      • Eye doctors
      • Home-based health care providers
      • Laser eye surgery
      • Med spas
      • Plastic surgeons
    • For the home
      • Carpet cleaning
      • Flooring
      • General construction
      • Handyman
      • Heating & Air Conditioning/HVAC (hvac)
      • Home Cleaning
      • Home electronics
      • Home décor
      • Interior designers
      • Landscapers and gardeners
      • Masonry/Concrete
      • Outdoor furniture
      • Painters
      • Pest control
      • Plumbers
      • Pool construction and maintenance
      • Remodeling (kitchen, bathroom, etc.)
      • Roofing
      • Rugs (high end)
      • Solar / energy
      • Tree services
      • Windows and doors
      • Appliances
    • Baby Gear & Furniture
    • Beauty salons / spas (high end)
    • Bridal
    • Car dealers
    • Car repair/maintenance
    • Clothing/boutique
    • Day care
    • Electronics (home theatre, audio)
    • Eyewear & Opticians
    • Financial services and advisors
    • Fitness
    • Flight centers (instruction)
    • Florists (high end)
    • Food/event catering
    • Furniture
    • Guns and ammo
    • Hardware
    • Health clubs/gyms/fitness
    • Hobby shops
    • Hotels/motels
    • Jewelry
    • Kitchen & bath
    • Lawyers (criminal defense, DUI, injury, divorce, etc.)
    • Pet care (veterinarians, pet day care, pet boarding, etc.)
    • Private schools (through high school)
    • Real estate agencies
    • Restaurants (the more expensive, high end, establishment – not a local sandwich shop)
    • Shopping/retail (general)
    • Specialty/trade schools (medical fields, cosmetology, etc.)
    • Sporting goods
    • Things for the home
    • Travel agencies


For more information about the services I offer you can click on the following links.



Get started making easy money today!

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Call Bob At (949) 635-9281 Or Send An Email To [email protected].

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Or, Use My Contact Form: https://nobledirectmarketing.com/contact-2/

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