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How To Rank Higher In Google… SEO Experts Use This Proven Method For Local Businesses

Crack The Code For Local SEO Success… Get A Steady Stream Of New Customers Flocking To Your Business!

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Did you know that your business might be the best-kept secret in town?

If you’re not ranking high in local SEO results (like Google search), you’re essentially invisible to a HUGE number of your best potential customers online.

This means that your competition is snapping up the clients that could be coming to you.

However, you can turn that around with this ebook titled How To Rank Higher In Google that gives you all the local SEO essentials in a nutshell…

AND it reveals the most powerful five ranking factors and the secret of how to get them working optimally for your local business.

Proven SEO Tactics That Work!

Imagine if all you had to do was show up to work each day and a long line of customers was waiting to hand you their money for your products and services…

… and every month was a cash flow bonanza.

You know I can’t guarantee that, however, what you learn in this local SEO ebook may get you really close… still, you have to put in the effort to get the results you want.

Introducing LOGIC – The Secret To Local SEO Success

Are you feeling stuck, watching your competitors outrank you in Google’s local search results?

Don’t you wish there was a secret lever you could pull to improve your Google search rankings and keep them soaring.

Today, you’re closer than ever to that dream with LOGIC.

What exactly is LOGIC?

While I can’t reveal everything just yet (that’s saved for the readers of the ebook), I can tell you that LOGIC is an acronym for the five most powerful factors that, when used together correctly, can significantly boost your rankings in local search results.

These are the game-changing local SEO factors that have been proven to deliver amazing results consistently for any type of local business.

When you use LOGIC you’re not just improving your SEO… you’re setting a new standard for your business’s online success.

Inside the ebook, you’ll find the keys to this powerful method.

Now, picture your business dominating those top spots in local searches for your most important keywords (search terms), capturing more leads, and increasing your revenue month after month.

It’s all within your reach!

Are you ready to transform your search results and be the next LOGIC success story?

Yes, I Want To Rank Higher In Google!

I used this same method for a chiropractor in Texas that I’m going to teach you in the Rank Higher In Google ebook.

He wasn’t ranking well for the keywords that would bring him the patients he needed for his chiropractic and physical therapy services.

He also wanted both English and Spanish speaking patients.

But, it was like his clinic was invisible online… in both languages.

We used this proven method I’ll show you, and once he started ranking, the new patients followed… it worked for both the English and Spanish keywords we targeted.


Sure, SEO may take some time to kick in, but when it does it seems to work like magic… your best prospects find your business online, they come see you and… new customer! Your business grows.

Simple as 1, 2, 3.

So, take advantage of this special offer for the local SEO ebook that is guaranteed to help your business Rank Higher In Google search results for your most important search terms.

It won’t take you long to go through this ebook that gives you step-by-step, crystal clear instructions that are proven to work…

In fact, you can get exactly what you need to know in one sitting.

Yes, I Want To Rank Higher In Google!

Why Learn This Insider Local SEO Method?

Even the newest small business owners know that we now live in the online age… and this new world is only getting bigger and stronger.

Winning the online competition for new customers can completely transform your business.

No doubt about that!

So, stop risking your business. It’s not worth it.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor statistics, 20.8% of private sector businesses fail within the first year… 48.4% fail after five years.

And many others die on the vine because they don’t keep up with important changes that affect us all.

Changes like what the Internet has brought us.

Listen: Waiting to get your small business up to speed online can prove to be disastrous.

The first step to avoiding this is to get informed about what exactly you need to do, and that’s what this ebook will show you.

From Search to Sale: The Power of Local SEO

Here’s what the facts tell us about how local SEO can help to grow your business.

Each of these insights is more proof that your competitive advantage begins with understanding the profound effect of local SEO on your business.

  • 63% of all shopping starts online even if the purchase takes place in a brick and mortar store. (Think With Google)
  • 76% of the people who use local search on their phones will visit a business within 24 hours and 28% of those searches result in a purchase. (Think With Google)
  • 60% of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using the search results (for instance using the “click to call” option). (Think With Google)
  • 88% of consumer local business searches on a mobile device either call or visit the business within 24 hours. (Nectafy)
  • 97% of people learn more about a local company via the internet. (
  • 87% of customers read online reviews for local businesses. (BrightLocal)
  • 89% of consumers use Google for local business information. (BrightLocal)
  • 46% of searches have a local intent. (Google rep at the Secrets of Local Search conference at Google HQ)
  • 72% of consumers that perform a local search visit a store within 5 miles of their current location. (
  • Local map search accounts for 30% – 40% of customers finding a local business. (GrowME Marketing)

I could go on and on with all kinds of statistics proving that your business needs to be found easily online, but I’m sure you get the picture.

Make Your Small Business Virtually Recession Proof

Why do I say local SEO can help make your business “recession-proof?”


The increased online visibility keeps your business top of mind right when your best prospects are searching for what you have to sell… they need it, you sell it, they buy it, you get the cash!

Local SEO gives you a direct pipeline to your targeted local audience, which is especially helpful during a recession… close proximity can help convert prospects into buyers due to convenience.

Enhanced trust and credibility keeps customers coming back, even when they have other choices in a tight economy… your online visibility, and online reputation, help you hold on to your customers.

Because they found you online FIRST, at the top of the local Google search results, you’ve got the best shot at keeping new customers walking through your doors on a regular basis.

So, what are you wailing for?

Get this business-transforming ebook while it’s still offered at a deep discount (see below).

I sell this ebook on my website for more than double of what I’m offering you today. And if you come back here tomorrow you may find a higher price tag on it.

So, put the power of local SEO to work for your business today, and never worry about struggling to find new customers again.

Click the button below for instant access.

Yes, I Want To Rank Higher In Google!

Driving Traffic, Driving Sales: The LOGIC Advantage

Here are some of the things you can look forward to after ordering the Rank Higher In Google ebook.

Discover the SEO secret that insiders use to skyrocket in their local Google search results… it works even if your business has never ranked on page one for any of your most important keywords.

Get insider know-how that turns complete newbies into local SEO wizards by giving you all the essentials in a nutshell to crush your competition… then smile all the way to the bank.

Eliminate the frustration of your business being overlooked because it’s virtually invisible online… discover how to supercharge your local SEO to make your business the clear choice in your city.

Take control of your online marketing as you gain a simple understanding that demystifies all of the technical mumbo-jumbo of the search engine ranking world… it doesn’t have to be that hard!

Watch your business grow as your local SEO rankings improve… bringing you more new customers each month like clockwork.

Quickly learn the essentials of local SEO in a cut-to-the-chase ebook for busy small business owners… never worry about finding new customers again.

Unleash the 5 local SEO ranking factors that experts use to dominate their local competition… they work for any kind of small business.

Avoid wasting time and money on worthless online marketing strategies… your business will thrive online when you know how to use what really works.

Get expert guidance for how to create an easy-to-follow road map that will drive an unending crowd of new customers your way… your very own competitive advantage.

Get quality sales leads automatically without wasting time on unnecessary marketing busy-work… and then turn them into paying customers.

Take pride in leading your business to big-time growth… enjoy all the benefits that come with a healthy stream of revenue that you can depend on every month.

Finally get the work/life balance you’ve always wanted when you don’t have to spend so much time chasing new customers… let them find you!

Enjoy the pure excitement of understanding exactly what to do to attract new customers… it’s like being able to turn on a water spigot when you need a steady flow of new customers.

Eliminate financial stress and anxiety that comes with struggling sales… say goodbye to worries about meeting payroll and paying bills.

Experience the financial freedom that comes with a reliable pool of loyal customers who want to buy exactly what you have to sell.

One of the things you’ll love about this ebook is that you can get all you need to know to build your local SEO foundation in one sitting.

No wasted time… no wasted effort.

Then apply what you’ve learned at your own pace.

Yes, I Want To Rank Higher In Google!

This Ebook Is Your Shortcut to Local SEO Success

Have you noticed that local SEO advice can be confusing?

If you want to cut through the clutter and get right to the bottom line then this ebook is for you.

When you learn about the five most powerful Google search ranking factors, and how to get them working together for your business, you’ll then be able to sit back and watch your business steadily climb the Google rankings… and more new customers will come your way.

We cut through the noise offering verifiable facts and straightforward explanations that simplify your path to success.

Say goodbye to overwhelm and technical jargon. Our clear, step-by-step approach eliminates confusion and makes SEO manageable.

Let the Google algorithm work for you by freeing you from the time-consuming efforts typical of the drudgery you find with social media, traditional advertising and other methods used to drive new business.

Why work harder when you can work smarter?

Rank Higher In Google is your shortcut to dominating local search results and attracting more customers as if on autopilot.

Your Exclusive, Risk-Free Opportunity

Right now, you have a unique opportunity to unlock the secrets of local SEO for just $17… down from the usual $47.

That’s a HUGE 64% saving.

Think about it… just discovering what the five most powerful LOGIC factors are is worth more than $17.

You also get crystal-clear, step-by-step instructions on how to apply LOGIC directly to your local business.

That isn’t just valuable… it’s priceless!

LOGIC is ready to be implemented swiftly, potentially growing your business by leaps and bounds.

Ask yourself, how much is your time truly worth?

You could spend countless hours scouring the internet, trying to piece together this information, learning through trial and error… a route filled with risks and potential missteps that could actually damage your SEO efforts.

Or, you could take this shortcut and get it all right now, so that your local SEO is done the right way the first time around.

And to make this even more of a no-brainer, I’m including three incredible bonuses that will help you implement LOGIC faster and easier:

BONUS #1 – Audio Version of the Ebook: Listen on the go and maximize your time. ($17 value)
BONUS #2 – Local Keyword Research Guide: Pinpoint the most effective keywords for your business in your local market. ($17 value)
BONUS #3 – Local SEO Audit Checklist: Ensure your SEO efforts are on track every step of the way. ($7 value)

Why wait when you can transform your business with LOGIC today!

Yes, I Want To Rank Higher In Google!

Your Iron-Clad, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Unlock the power of local SEO for your business completely RISK-FREE.

I’m giving you a 30-DAY, 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE.

You can explore all the proven strategies in Rank Higher In Google without any risk to you at all.

If you’re not satisfied, for any reason, simply request a refund and I’ll give you your money… no questions asked.

I do this without reservation because I’m confident that the LOGIC will deliver far more value than the measly $17 price.

This guarantee ensures that there is absolutely NO RISK TO YOU.

Dive in, apply what you learn, and watch your rankings climb.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Don’t Wait… Order Now!

This is a limited time offer because I don’t know how long I’m going to continue the special discount.

If you come back tomorrow, or next week, you may find a higher price. So, get it while you can.

Remember… this ebook is only $17… plus you get all of the bonuses mentioned above.

And don’t forget the 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee!

So you have absolutely ZERO RISK!


Look… it takes very little of your valuable time, and then you’re off to the races.

And it works…

… for any kind of business…

… in any town or city…

… in any economy, up or down…

Get Immediate Access To The Ebook – Click The Button Below!

Yes, I Want To Rank Higher In Google!

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