Local SEO Packages

Local SEO packages don’t mean anything if you don’t know what you need and the basics about local SEO ranking criteria.

You’ll get all the information you need here in order to make good decisions about local SEO packages, and how they can skyrocket your business to the top of Google search (and other search engine) result pages.

What You Need To Know About Local SEO Packages

Have you ever wondered how one local business gets to the top of Google search rankings and others don’t?

If you ask one local SEO agency you may get one story, and a different story from another one.

This is the main thing you need to understand.

Even though Google may use more than 200 ranking criteria, five are the foundation for local SEO.

That goes for both the “Local Pack” and the “Organic” search results.

The following five Google search engine ranking criteria accounts for about 75% of the weighting factors.

I’ve created an acronym to help you easily remember them: LOGIC.

  • Link signals
  • On-page signals
  • Google My Business signals
  • Internet Review signals
  • Citation signals

Here’s The Proof For Google Local SEO Criteria

One of the industry authorities for local search, MOZ, has done some in-depth research on SEO.

Here’s what they found in a nutshell.

There are eight dominate criteria that determine how Google ranks local businesses.

Of the eight, five are the most powerful, and they are within your control to varying degrees. If you’re interested in the details you can read more here.

First, let me clarify what are the Google local pack and the organic results for local SEO.

This is what the local pack and organic search results look like.


Local SEO Packages local Pack & Organic ResultsGoogle uses the same major criteria for both, but they are weighted differently.

This is the breakdown for the local pack.

Local SEO Packages Local Pack Criteria
And here is the breakdown for the organic listings.

Local SEO Packages Organic CriteriaYou can see all eight of the major local SEO ranking factors in a little different order.

The LOGIC system includes the five most important criteria because they are significant and you have a lot of control over them.

The two that are completely out of your control are “behavioral signals” and “personalization,” and the “social signals,” are at the bottom of the lists with a 4% weighting factor, so these are something to focus on.

Introducing Local Market Validation™ – The Local SEO Success Blueprint

Before you even consider buying a local SEO package from a local SEO company, you need to know where your business stands for each of the five LOGIC criteria mentioned above.

Having that information is critical because it will give you a virtual blueprint for what your business needs for local SEO success.

The Critical Factor For Local SEO Packages

A lot of local SEO companies will try to oversell you on their search engine optimization packages.

That’s great for their profits, but bad for yours… and unnecessary.

You need to make sure your getting exactly what you need, while not paying for the seo services you don’t.

Local Market Validation™ gives you full in-depth local SEO analysis for all of the following.

  • Links to your website – how many and the quality profile as a whole.
  • On-page SEO for your most important keywords your business needs for success.
  • Google My Business verification check plus optimization tips.
  • Internet review breakdown according to three things Google values most.
  • Citation analysis – comprehensive look at your total number of citations, and their accuracy, across the Internet.

Local Market Validation™ will show you precisely what your specific local business needs for SEO success.

You will know exactly which local SEO services your business needs and the priority for adding them.

All the guesswork is eliminated.

With your Local Market Validation™ in hand, you will have a virtual blueprint for local business SEO success.

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