Your customers are talking about your business.

The question is: What are they saying?

The answer lies on different websites where your customers post reviews about your business… both good and bad ones.

Reviews can make, or break, your business.

If you’re not getting a steady stream of positive reviews then you are surely losing new customers to your competition.

So, how do you get that steady stream of positive online reviews?

Step one: ask for them.

It amazes me how reluctant business people are to simply asking for a review. Many have told me that it’s just awkward for them. Others tell me they don’t ask because they’re afraid of getting a bad review.

Here’s the key: ask the people who you know to be happy with your products/services.

As an example, if you do home remodeling, and your client lets you know how much they love what you did for them, that is the time to ask for a review.

It’s not at all awkward at that point. It’s a natural progression in the conversation.

Disgruntled people have all the motivation they need to post an angry review. Your happy customers just tend to go their merry way once you’ve delivered as promised. So, ask and you shall receive.

Step two: make it easy for your customers to post reviews.

To record and post reviews online you can have your clients use the traditional process where they take it upon themselves to go to a review website and post, or you can give them a user-friendly process using a third-party online software platform.

If you go the traditional route you may what to create a “cheat sheet” for how to post reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and/or other websites. Then give it to your satisfied customer.

I suggest you ask them in person for a review (a phone call is fine as well) and then follow up with an email.

Your customers will need to have a Google account to post on Google, be a member of Yelp (or willing to sign up) or be on Facebook to post reviews there.

You can also use a web based platform that can manage the process for you. And if you don’t have the time to do this yourself you can outsource the work. It’s not that expensive considering the benefits to your bottom line profitability.

An advantage to using a platform like this is that you can post reviews on your own website. That way a customer wouldn’t have to be a member of Yelp, have a Google account or be on Facebook.

I would prefer for reviews to show up on the well known third-party sites like Yelp, but many customers won’t have access or want to sign up.

The key is to find a reputation management platform that has a solid review generating function. That will make it quick and easy for your happy customers to write you a review and post it for all to see.

Thirty years ago your business needed to be in the yellow pages. Today you need to be found online, and you need to have a great reputation that comes with building a strong list of positive reviews.

Click here and contact me if you would like to know about a top third party platform for generating reviews.

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