Chiropractic Marketing Essentials – Part 2 (Website Security)

Chiropractor Secure Website

Website security for chiropractors is very important.

If your website isn’t secure then you need to fix that right away for many reasons, and I’ll show you how to do it shortly.

The bottom line is that it could hurt how well your chiropractic business ranks in Google local search results, and that could cost you new patients.

What is a secure website?

In short, HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is the secure version of HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol).

Here’s how to tell if you have the proper website security.

If your website URL is preceded by “HTTPS” it is secure. If you see just an “HTTP” without the “S” – or a note telling you it’s not secure – then you’ve got a problem (but, it’s easy to fix, see below).

Following are some examples.

Here’s how you can tell if a website is secure.

Secure Chiropractor Website

It tells you right there in green. Green is good.

And here’s an example of a website that is not secure.

Chiropractor Website Warning

“Not secure” in red… no bueno.

This is why website security is important.

At this point you must have a secure website for several reasons.

Google favors secure – HTTPS – websites.

Google is all about serving up relevant results that provide a good user experience for those searching via Google.

So, all things being equal, if the website for your chiropractic business is secure, and the chiropractor around the corner does not have a secure website, you will rank higher than they will.

Another thing is that if someone who comes to your website sees that it’s not secure it could hurt converting these prospects into new patients.

How long do you think someone who is looking for a chiropractor is going to stay on your website if Google tells them it’s not secure?

Especially when they consider that a doctor is the keeper of some of their personal health information.

You saw how to tell if your website is secure, or not, in the images above.

Here’s something I saw not long ago for a website that wasn’t secure. This is obviously worse looking warning than the “Not secure” in the URL area I showed above.

Chiropractor Website That Is NOT Secure

If someone searching on Google sees that when trying to go to your website, then don’t count on them ever coming back.

A related reason is that secure websites will make your potential patients feel more comfortable and let them know that their information would be safe with your practice.

In my last post on chiropractic marketing tips I mentioned that page load speed is an important factor for ranking higher in Google Search.

An HTTPS secure website loads faster than an insecure HTTP website. So, there’s another advantage.

I think you get the picture.

Here’s how to make your website secure.

This is a very simple and easy thing to do.

If you manage your own website security just contact your web hosting company and tell them you need to buy an SSL Certificate.

FYI… SSL stands for “Secure Sockets Layer.”

Your web hosting company can sell you the SSL certificate and help you make sure all is in place.

For me the process took just a few minutes and my website was secure in no time.

My certificate cost me $50. Some are more expensive.

Tell the web hosting company representative that you’re a doctor and they can give you a recommendation for your SSL certificate.

If you have an agency or a website builder overseeing your website then chances are your website is already secure.

Any reputable website builder will already be aware about this security issue and have discussed it with you and taken care of it.

It would be website builder malpractice to have not addressed this issue at this point.

However, if you do have someone overseeing your website and it isn’t already secure then just tell them to take care of it and they should have it done in a day, or so.

Here’s what to do now.

Pull up your website on your computer or phone and see if it’s secure.

If so, go have a cup of coffee and get on with the rest of your day.

If not, call your web hosting company and do as I mentioned above, or contact the person overseeing your website and have them take care of it.

Here’s more information from Google about the importance of making your website secure.

Keep checking back. I’ll have a lot more essential marketing tips for chiropractors coming your way.


Photo credit: Sean MacEntee

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