Chiropractic Marketing Essentials – Part 1 (Slow Websites)

How to fix a slow website

Google doesn’t like slow websites.

A slow website can cost you new patients as they search for a chiropractor in your town.

If you own a chiropractic business in a competitive market you need to get every edge you can get.


The better you handle your local SEO, the better you’ll rank with Google (Bing and Yahoo as well), which will give you the best opportunity to get more new patients.
Basically, page speed is the time it takes to completely display the content on a certain page.

What I’m talking about here is page speed.

Page speed is referred to as “page load time” or “time to first byte.”

It sounds technical, but you just need to know what it is so you can talk to the person who helps you with your website.

Time to first byte is simply how long it takes for your browser to get the first byte of information from your website’s web server.

Google doesn’t like slow loading pages because they can’t “crawl” as many pages using their crawl budget, and that could have a negative effect on how your web pages are ranked.

So if you have dedicated web pages focused on keywords like “back pain treatment,” car accident pain therapy,” “neck pain relief” and others you rely on to bring you new patients, fast loading web pages will help them rank better with Google (Bing and Yahoo).

So, what do you do about slow websites?

Chiropractic Marketing EssentialsThere are two free online tools you can use to see how fast your web pages load… your page load time.

Use them yourself to see how well your web pages do, and if they are slow you take that information to your website person. They should already be familiar with these tools.

Once they see what needs to be done they can give you an estimate for taking care of everything.

If you have a WordPress website there are plugins that can help with page speed for slow websites.

Next step…

Run the tests. They will only take a minute or so.

Here are the links to the free online tools. 

If the tests show that your page load times are slow, contact your website designer and talk to them about doing the necessary to fix the slow pages.

If you don’t have a website designer right now and need one you can contact me.

I don’t work on websites myself, but I can give you a couple of web designers you can call for help.

I’ll have another tip that will help your website rank better for Google (and the other search engines) in my next article.


Image credit: Elijah van der Giessen

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